m.i.e最大国际娱乐_英语共读:Classroom iPads make children technology depe

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m.i.e最大国际娱乐_英语共读:Classroom iPads make children technology depe



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classroom ipads make children technology dependent


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teaching children with ipads means they become disinterested in lessons without technology, an expert (专家) has warned.

schools which fail to accept digital learning techniques (数码学习技术) in the classroom will find it increasingly difficult to draw the attention of children, according to dr patricia davies at the university of wolverhampton.

"i think we are getting to the stage where learning in a traditional setting is becoming more and more boring for young people and children," she said. "we run the risk of losing a lot of them because they are not engaged (参与)."

dr davies, an expert in computer science, said that while schools across the country are using a lot of money buying ipads and other digital tools for the classroom, teachers often do not really know whether children's learning is improved by them.

she studied the introduction of ipads at a preparatory school in south-east england for children in year four and year seven, and found that while children had more fun in lessons with ipads, they also struggled to focus without them.

reading the children's answers to the use of ipads, she found that "it was easy for them to become disengaged and disinterested in classes that did not use ipads because 'the lessons are boring and we find it hard to focus our attention'."

she concluded (总结) that the "excitement of these new digital technologies has the possibility to improve teaching and learning."

dr davies added that schools which use ipads need a better understanding about how they help children, and how they can be suitable to meet their needs better.

however, she added:" while praising their educational possibilities, ipads can weaken a school's abilities to control pupils' actions and behaviours. they also introduce a new set of practices that require rules."

from: www.telegraph.co.uk


【思考】 课堂上使用ipad等电子设备有何利弊?你是否赞成此类设备进入课堂?

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